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Attract, Assess, Thrive. Tech Harvest transforms recruitment. Our Recruitment services cover multi-channel job advertising, efficient interview management, and seamless onboarding, ensuring you find the right talent for sustained success.

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What We Cover Differently

Candidate Sourcing

  • Strategically source candidates through various platforms and networks.

  • Implement targeted recruitment strategies to attract a diverse pool of qualified applicants.

Screening Calls

  • Conduct initial screening calls to assess candidate suitability and qualifications.

  • Evaluate communication skills, job fit, and interest in the role to streamline the hiring process.

Interview Session Planning

  • Manage and plan interview sessions, coordinating logistics for a seamless hiring process.

  • Provide support in scheduling, candidate communication, and overall interview coordination.

Utilize multiple platforms for job advertisements, including websites and social media.

Multi-Channel Advertising

How We Work

Cloud-Based Onboarding

Utilize cloud databases for efficient onboarding and record-keeping.

Time-to-Hire Reduction

Conduct thorough screening calls, ensuring only qualified candidates proceed in the hiring process.

Benefits of Working With Us

Access to Diverse Talent

Reach a wider pool of candidates through effective job advertising.

Digital Onboarding

Ensure a smooth transition for new hires with digital onboarding processes.

Streamlined Hiring Process

Save time and effort with an organized and efficient recruitment process.

Organized Interview Sessions

Experience well-managed and coordinated interview sessions for a seamless hiring experience.

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Phone: (+60) 16  410 3014

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